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-> Our website www.rsinomore was totally revamped with a new main page format for easier use. Check it out for yourself and we welcome your suggestions

> your office is probably considering your options to get a project moving. VDT solution is offering a special "Getting Started" pricing package which offers you a 10% savings. Call my office at 708-508-6471 for all the details

->VDT Solution now offers our Risk Assessment software in an online version

-> Our director of ergonomic programs is now a member of the faculty at Triton College, became an online ergonomic expert for the website www.allexperts.com, and a presenter at the Dallas Call Center Conference on the topic Managing the Remote Workforce

-> Power Putty- you can now buy it directly from VDT Solution for your training and employee gifts. Power Putty is available in four unique strength levels:

A: Very soft ( light blue in color) recommended for a beginning exercise program to develop muscle strength and resistance. Can also be applied as a part of first stage rehabilitation treatment.

B: Medium/soft ( light green in color) provides moderate resistance to improve hand, finger, and wrist flexibility

C: Firm ( dark blue in color) is chosen after the medium level becomes to easy. The firm level provides a very high level of exercising to the hand and fingers.

D: Hard ( dark green in color) is the level you use after succeeding with the firm strength and for only advanced hand exercise program

Power Putty is priced at $6.00 each plus shipping. Quantity discounts are available. To place your order, call our office at 708-508-6471 or send your inquiry to

-> If your business, chamber of commerce, computer user group, or business related organization is searching for a speaker to address one of the key health issues of our day: preventing repetitive stress injuries - call my office (708-508-6471) today to schedule your program in 2002.

-> On our preferred resources page we recommend a number of publications to help you better understand repetitive stress injuries.

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