If you are experiencing physical difficulties in the course of your work day; this Risk Assessment allows our experts to review your circumstances. The information you provide should be as concise as possible so our experts may determine your level of risk for developing a repetitive stress injury. Our experts will then contact you with possible recommendations and solutions for you to consider implementing in your work environment.

Remember: The best method to avoid an injury is to prevent the occurrence.




Muscleskeletal Discomfort Assessment

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The number of hours you operate a computer, the time your body is in a static position, and your type of activity have a direct correlation to your risk & level of developing a Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI)

How many total hours do you operate a computer each day?

The total number of hours spent sitting each day at work?

How many hours each day do you spend driving to and from work?

How many hours each day do you spend on the phone in the office?

How many hours each day do you spend on a cellular phone ?

Describe your daily work responsibilities

The Eyes direct all body movement. When headaches are located especially in front on your forehead or on the side of your temples - this may indicate a lack of visual performance. A lack of visual performance ( not to mention blurred vision, focusing difficulties, etc.) ultimately translates into altering the way you do your job with your body. This change in proper body positioning may then lead to some form(s) of physical complaints and ailments.

Please check all which apply to you:

Headaches location: front side backa.mp.m

Blurred vision: near far both

Double vision: near far both

Focusing difficulty: near to far far to near from print to screen


These questions deal with dryness of the eyes. Positioning of the CRT, workstation engineering, illumination, your visual performance, and your vision correction ( prescription) all play vital roles in your eyes moistness level. See our lubrication recommendations on our pcguide web page. You do not have to be a victim of the Dry Eye Syndrome.

Eyes feel gritty: a.m p.m.

Eyes tear: a.m p.m.

Eyes burning: a.m p.m.

Eyes feel itchy: a.m p.m.

Redness in eyes: a.m p.m.

In morning have sleep debris in corner of eyes

Certain medications, even over the counter pharmaceuticals can affect visual and physical activities. Your doctor or pharmacist can answer your inquiry of the possible side effects.

I am taking medication for:

For a person to work efficiently and comfortably on a computer you must have the following visual skills:

both eyes must focus together > discriminate each and every character of the word > move from left to right from each letter and word> and return the information to the eye ( and in turn the brain) in about a twelfth of a second.

20/20 vision means literally how clearly you see a 1 7/8th inch letter at twenty feet. The words and letters on a computer screen are formed by pixels. Pixels are bright in the center and fade at the edge. On a printed page the characters are well defined throughout. They come to very sharp edges. Pixel density and refresh rates are very important. We are the only ergonomic firm which evaluates the visual performance to address any visual dysfunctions.

Wear eyeglass to perform my daily work responsibilities

Wear contact lenses to perform my daily work responsibilities

I use bifocal lenses to perform my daily work responsibilities

Before the body is hurt it will send out warning signals. The location of the physical ailment directs us to various points in the workstation engineering and personal work habits.

Do you experience any of the following:






muscle stiffness


mental exhaustion

physical exhaustion

Please indicate the location of each symptom:

Please indicate the duration for each symptom: example: 1 hour daily . once a day, etc,

Please describe any previous injuries or accidents:

Please describe any sport or exercise programs you in which you participate:

Please describe your hobbies:

Please indicate which of these key accessories are in your workplace. They can make the difference between working healthy, safely, and productively while reducing the risk of a repetitive stress injury. For specific recommendations please visit our product reviews on our innovations and preferred web pages.

Ergonomic seating keyboard with attached mouse surface wrist supports foot rest document holder headset ergonomically designed input device ergonomic work station supplemental lighting