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Our mission is the reduction of risk & fatigue factors and improvement of comfort for people who work everyday in the computer workplace.

VDT Solution focuses on the safety and health of workers in today's computer and technology dependent office. We analyze the workplace- the individual - the job task. Our goal is to train the people and design the work environment to avoid injuries and maximize productivity. Work station layout and office engineering schemes are evaluated for disabling and fatiguing designs. Specific office situations will reduce job efficiency while ultimately injuring the worker. Our task is to identify the visual difficulties that tax an employee to the point of exhaustion and stress both the eyes and body ( your eyes direct all physical activity and performance). No other source has the expertise in vision as it relates to computer operation.

The objective is for your business; and its employees to have a much safer- productive - and profitable computer utilization.

After listening to your concerns and reviewing your individual circumstances; we'll propose the best course of action to address your ergonomic needs whether it be for one employee, a particular department, or entire corporate population.

Depending upon your situation requirements one or more of our services will be utilized:

Risk Assessment is the first step. VDT Solution provides our own customized software to profile and identify each employee as to their level of risk for incurring a repetitive stress injury. Each employee's work site is evaluated. This scrutinization includes illumination, work station features and accessories, visual skill profile, office resources, computer and related tools including software, and individual job execution.

Corrective Action Programs {CAPS} are then formulated to reduce the likelihood an employee suffers any RSI. The ergonomic solutions can be presented to your safety coordinator and/or employee depending on your request. These solutions may be as simple as recommending training or recommending specific products to address that employee's needs to redesigning an employee's work environment and time developed habits.

Training services and seminars are available in the following formats:
One on one to personally review and re-educate the individual worker as to the purpose of ergonomics and how to incorporate ergonomic principals into their daily routine.

Teach the teacher allows our qualified staff of experts to instruct your safety representative or team in observational analysis and CAPS.

Ergonomics in action is the method we use to provide awareness training and orientation to both employees and supervisors. Included in this program is our doctor lead specific area body strengthening instruction.

Training and support materials include easy to understand booklets, Power Putty, break software, subscription to our quarterly newsletter Healthy Computing ( you can receive our newsletter free of charge by sending us an ) and other products as they relate to your ongoing ergonomic efforts.

Eyecare services are available through our VisionXperts division. Any employee failing the visual skill profile and/or demonstrating a need for computer related eyewear has our specialized services available to them at a special pricing level. Our uniquely qualified vision professionals determine the individual visual health and performance needs and can provide the proper frames and lenses for that computer user.

Injury Response Action is our new feature we've added to our programs which includes an immediate on site response, if necessary, within 24 hours when alerted of a newly indentified injured employee.

plays a key role in our recommendations of any product. VDT Solution does not sell any furniture, computers, or accessories. Nor do we receive any compensation or commission on products we recommend to you. We independently evaluate and research products for their ergonomic worthiness before any recommendation. Bottom line is those products should make a difference in the health, safety, and performance of the user

For details about our Safety in the Office Program and other services Contact us

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