Does your organization require a speaker to address one of the key health issues of our day: preventing repetitive stress injuries in the computer workplace.

OSHA is preparing to implement their Ergonomic Standard in 2001 to address work-related Musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD). The Labor Department sites an ever increasing number of cumulative trauma injuries can be traced to today's computer workplace. Our presentation Work Different Work Smart Work Healthy is designed to introduce how your members can be in compliance with 3 of the basic standard elements : Assessment - Control - Training.

VDT Solution has conducted presentations before organizations like yours, the Chicago Computer Society, Association of IT Professionals, Illinois Safety Council , Rush Presbyterian Preventive Medicine, Design Forum at the Mart and as a guest faculty for North Central College HCI program. Our presentation is not an infomercial.

Your members will be provided a free copy of our Risk Assessment software to learn who among their employees is at risk of developing a repetitive stress injury...... Prevention is a whole world less of an expense than treating an injury!

Your members can sign up for our complimentary newsletter Healthy Computing which is received by businesses and individuals around the world. 11 features from Human Factors to Everyday Challenges we all face. Included are articles on OSHA, Innovations & product reviews, and the issues confronting the Remote Workforce. You'll find lively guest articles, helpful tips, practical solutions and more.

Ergonomics is the difference between costly and disabling injuries like carpal tunnel and improved profitability & productivity. Work Different Work Smart Work Healthy is structured so that your members can begin to build a successful preventive orientated RSI program for the computer user. Your members shouldn't have to struggle through pain and discomfort. Nor should your members businesses struggle with the costs of repetitive stress injuries.

IF we can help you make a difference in your members work force productivity and health - you can contact me directly at my office 708-508-6471. Work Different Work Smart Work Healthy in 2000, Or drop us an email..... Duane A. Perkinson, Director of Ergonomic Programs.

Duane A. Perkinson

Duane Perkinson as an ergonomic specialist works with businesses to keep their workforce healthy and prevent injuries. For VDT Solution he has designed his own Risk Assessment software and publishes an ergonomic newsletter. Healthy Computing is received by businesses and individuals in countries around the globe. Duane has twenty-five years experience in the health care profession and also operates Vision Xperts which provides both specialized computer eyewear and OSHA related eyewear. He specializes in VDT utilization - vision engineering - corrective eyewear. He is an expert in contact lenses. Duane and his own focus team independently test and evaluate ergonomic/computer related products. Duane has served as a guest faculty for North Central College's HCI program

Duane has shared his life with his lovely wife for the past 8 years and his daughter. Duane serves a number of local civic organizations such as his local Downtown St. Charles Partnership, St. Charles Plan Commission, church ministry, and the American Legion.

Among his credentials:

Contributing Author:
Duane Perkinson's articles regularly appear in publications such as Workplace Environment Health, Safety Reporter, Pulse Network, Assembly Magazine, ONLINE ACCESS, Safety Health Today, AOL Weekly Business Newsletter, Passages Magazine. Frequently Duane is contacted by members of the press for expert background, analysis, and opinion such as the recent article which appeared in Wired magazine

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
Visual Performance, Industrial Ergonomics, Consumer Products,
Environmental Design, & Computer Systems Technical Groups
Advisor NorthWest of Us Macintosh User Group
Downtown St. Charles Partnership
St. Charles Plan Commission
American Legion

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